SVCleanTech is a network of empowered individuals passionate about promoting clean technology, renewable energy, and sustainability. Our organization includes driven entrepreneurs, professionals, students and people like you - our core. Our diverse disciplines include Business, Green building development, Entrepreneurship, Engineering, Design, Environmental Studies, Computer Science, and beyond.

SVCleanTech operates as a Marketing consulting and promotions company helping companies achieve their Marketing and Advertising goals with careful thought on our environmental impact.

We believe that being profitable and having a positive impact on the world are not mutually exclusive and a philosophy at the core of our operation. It is what drives us to only seek relationships with individuals, corporations and organizations that demonstrate a commitment to living in a better, sustainable tomorrow and enriching lives.

We are actively looking to create co-branding community partnerships to expand our network with organizations with similar visions.

SVCleanTech was founded in 2006 as a wholly-owned division of Silicon Valley Holdings.