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Karine Peloffy


Our fellow planet loved and friend Karine Peloffy is coming to Cali!

I am a former business litigation lawyer who recently graduated from the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford where I researched the potential of humor and online viral videos for climate change communication for my Master’s dissertation.

Since graduating, I have shifted my career to climate change communication and dedicated myself to the production of a funny documentary titled 'Emission Impossible' that aims to make sense of the financial risks of carbon-intensive investments versus low carbon, clean-tech innovation within the energy sector. I am also coordinating a group of Master students in law and business administration at UCL and LBS doing research on the topics to be addressed in the documentary.

On the ‘dark’ side, it will consider the expected increase in carbon price due to regulation and specifically investigate the potential future legal liability of large carbon emitters, such as coal fire plants and tar sands, for climate change damages and the attendant financial implications for their investors. On the ‘light’ side, it will showcase alternative clean tech investment opportunities which offer solutions to climate, energy and economic problems. I will be coming to California in the first two weeks of June to mingle and interview people who are taking up these opportunities as I explain in this vlog: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5PfOAWWfsk&feature=channel

The tone of the documentary will be humoristic, commonsensical, unpretentious yet informative in order to reach a broad audience. Therefore, potential interviewees and others involved in the process have to be ready to have a little fun!

If you think you can help this project in any way, I, and the future audience of the documentary, would be infinitely thankful! This may involve anything like:

  • - contact or idea for an interview (anyone ranging from University professors specialized in clean tech financing, responsible pension fund investors to clean tech venture capitalists, innovators and entrepreneurs). I wouldn’t say no to Governor Arnie (if he begged)
  • - contact or idea for a local spontaneous stand-up comedian or funny person who would like to participate, including brainstorming on how to make this funny. Note: that person need NOT have any interest in climate change whatsoever...the point is to make the doc enjoyable to people who don’t care about it...
  • - contact with people involved in film production. I will bring a decent quality camera and microphones and welcome any extra input from director to sound person to a full- blown production team.
  • - contact with person or organization that would like to bankroll this exciting documentary or part thereof.
  • - a place to stay, a car (ideally environmentally-friendly but I won’t be fussy) or any other helpful advice, idea or freebie.

If all my dreams come through, I will find all those key people. But as it is coming up quite fast and funding / contacts may not have had time to pull through, it may end up being me rocking up with my camera guerilla-style, but I’m good fun!

More about me: I recently graduated from an MSc in Environmental Change and Management at the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford in 2009 and graduated with distinction and a double degree (B.C.L./LL.B) from McGill Law School in 2005. Prior to that, I finished the Health Sciences International Baccalaureate with the highest cumulative average of my program.

I am a qualified lawyer in Quebec and a former business litigation lawyer at Davies, Ward, Phillips & Vineberg. While at the firm, I worked closely with the lead litigator in the team that successfully secured court approval, from Superior Court all the way to the Supreme Court, for the largest leveraged buy-out transaction in history on the eve of the financial crisis in the case of BCE Inc. v. 1976 Debentureholders.